My process focuses on ink and pencil work, often seeking to represent the human experience in some way, exploring issues of transformation, human interactions and mental health. I create for fun and to express, my work is often dark or surreal in style, and over recent years I have begun using fine-liners and paint pens more and more frequently. As of 2019, I have sought to upscale the size of my work from sketch books to walls. Other works have included experimenting with collagraph printing, 3D pen and painting.


I held my first solo exhibition in March 2019, which was a live drawing experience in which I spent a week working straight on to the walls of DC1 Gallery, which was open to the public to observe or join in.



2017 - Art Box - Mirth, Marvel and Maud Walthamstow, London

2018 - After Dark - DC1 Gallery, Eastbourne

2019 - Print Room Show - DC1 Gallery, Eastbourne

2019 - Artist In Residence - DC1 Gallery, Eastbourne

2019 - Resilience - The Loft, Croydon

If you would like to contact me regarding taking part in an exhibition, if you'd like to discuss a commission or project, or maybe you have a blank wall in your house/work place you'd like me to vandalise with my work - then please use the form below, or email direct at -

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